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Cake boards – To ice or not to ice – The finishing touch?


Cake boards – To ice or not to ice – The finishing touch?

I thought I’d start a bit of a discussion on my blog post today. I recently was recommended on a Facebook group as someone who can make cakes. Understandably lots of others were recommended too which is fab for the clients and they started to share pics of some of their work and this is when I saw my pet hate – un iced cake boards!!

This is a topic that can divide the cake community.

The cake board is the board on which your creation is presented. Cake boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, the most popular and standard is silver. As a cake maker I see it as an unwritten rule that the cake board should be covered in icing before the cake is placed on top. Not only does it form a barrier between the cake and the board (which should always be wiped with clear alcohol before use) I also think it just looks better. The cake looks finished and more professional.
The easy way to form your own opinion is to compare pics:
ICED board
Celebration Birthday Cake with iced cake boards Cakes by Shelly Bedfordshire
Un iced board
Birthday Cake Bedfordshire with un iced cake boards
All of my boards come iced as standard, some cake makers charge extra to have the board iced and some just don’t do it at all. To me it is a ‘finishing touch’ – something that set’s your cake apart from others. And its such a small thing. Unless two cakes were placed next to each other some customers probably wouldn’t even realise.
But personally I think an uniced board makes the cake looks unfinished. When iced the board becomes part of the design of the cake.  On a birthday cake it becomes an extension of the design – you can pipe on it, put figures on it – the options are limitless. On a wedding cake I think it is a must.
What are your thoughts on an iced board? As a customer do you think it looks better? As a cake maker what do you prefer – does icing the board not bother you? I look forward to some healthy conversation!
Before I go I would like to add one final point – if you do ice the board – please put ribbon around it 😉
(that’s a whole other blog post lol)
Happy caking!!

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